who I am

Hello! I’m Nat, a fine art artist living on the coast south of Sydney, Australia. I work largely in oils and inks, capturing emotion and atmosphere in my work. I believe in the power of using a few quality pieces as tools to shift the atmosphere of a room, the direction of a thought. I strip my materials down to bare, quality basics from passionate and local makers, and I’m fascinated in doing the same with my strokes and colours. What is purely essential to getting the concept across?



I paint in high quality, Australian-made oils and inks, which I find beautifully expressive, fluid and unhurried – very suited to a coastal lifestyle. Drawn to natural subjects and largely influenced by Australian natives and landscapes, I paint everywhere across Australia. See the shop for available works, or contact me to talk about commissioning an original piece.  
Why amigo-care is better than self-care
This year I am making a conscious effort to be a better friend to the lovely people in my life, and to myself. The amazing humans in my life are great at being supportive. They check in on me, remember that my brother was trying out for a new basketball team, ask how my mum