Swanky Art Exhbition Opening Night

My use of the s-word is equally cheeky and serious. Whichever side of the swanky fence you sit on, join me for an exhibition, a chat, a glass of sparkles, or all of it.

The best part? It’s all free. We Are Mindful is a local community focused studio and store south of Sydney. At its heart, the studio is a space designed to enrich lives through meaningful learning – a place to share, collaborate, connect and celebrate. It partners with local creatives to offer workshops, markets, events, private gatherings, and of course, art exhibitions.

Quick note: to assist with COVID-19 arrangements, please book a free ticket here (you will not be charged) and stagger arrival times between 5-7pm as the number of people allowed in at one time will be limited. Thank you!

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Tell me, will you be:

(a) the perfect shade of red lipstick, silk, and opening-night glamour

(b) ease and curiosity, nerding out over textures and techiques

Because I’ll be aiming for both.

About the art

Hope and creativity in a time of limitations and global rights challenges.

This collection is a fight for freedom born in a time of restraint.

With limited palettes and minimal tools, the artworks shine focus on two constants: light and land.

The same local landscapes repeat over and over again, as we all settle in to routines and local walks. Tonal colours force the eye to examine textures, brushwork, shape and light. Similar scenes are paired, each bringing different emotion and atmosphere, a different day.

But these works speak to more than the daily pandemic groundhog day: the culmination of our cultural, colonial, gendered, political, and natural issues which have been repeating throughout history. How many ways can we see the same story told again? How many more Bla(c)k lives lost, refuge seekers sent away, climate deniers, until the system breaks?

These works pay tribute to hope, to changes big and small, to working one day at a time, and to resourcefulness during scarcity.

These works ask you to engage. How will you see your world today, tomorrow? What will you appreciate? What can you add to it?

About the exhibition

The opening night is Sunday 20th Sept 2020. The event starts at 5:00PM with a complementary glass of sparkles on arrival for the first guests and will conclude at 7:00PM.

Located at the We Are Mindful Studio: 95 Cronulla Street, Cronulla. Access via the We Are Mindful store.

The exhibition will run from 20 September – 15th November 2020. You’ll be able to browse during business hours, though not when the studio is hosting workshops.

All artwork is available for sale prior to the exhibition, with the understanding that the work will be on display from September to November 2020.

Read the COVID-19 statement for the store and studio here.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for local recommendations if you are planning a night out.

About the artist

Hi, I’m Nataliya Daniel, an artist living south of Sydney, creating works which remind you to pause. Read more about me here.
I’ll be attending in person on the opening night. Join me for a chat, or just enjoy the artworks.

Not sure what’s near by and what kind of night you can have?
My local recommendations are:
(Walking distance from opening night location.)

  • The Blind Bear for soul tunes, dim lighting, and a great booze selection. Beautifully unpretentious and on the grungey side.
  • Alphabet St for the tastiest modern deliciousness and a damn good time. Warning: dismiss whatever concepts of “thai” you have in your mind, indulge me and just look at their photos
  • Queen Margherita for the best pizza. Always packed, so either book ahead or get take away and eat by the ocean across the road (don’t @ me with the Naples vs Rome debate)
  • Henry’s for light and airy, tropical, very instagrammable cocktails
  • Wheat and Barrel, gorgeous family run italian, this place magically works for all types of nights. Solo snacks at the bar? Family good times? Friends laughs? Honestly all of it.
  • Brass Monkey for a follow up event, sometimes its stand up, mostly its live music, not sure if they’re doing Sundays during COVID, please check.

See you there!