South Coast NSW

Oils on hand stretched canvas   12″ x 10″   Materials: I use a variety of high quality gear and the favourites which make a feature in every painting are Langridge Artist Colours (paints, just oil and pigment, made in Victoria) and hand stretched canvases from Pigment Lab in Sydney. These are two beautiful makers with quality products and a passion for the process.   Framing: Framing is a very personal process and therefore is an option on a made-to-order basis from my south coast framer. If you would like to add a frame, please get in touch with me or your local framer.   Sold Pieces: Sold works remain on display in the shop for a little while after they have found their home. This is to enable you to explore a broader range of previous works. If you see something that speaks to you but it’s sold, I may be able to create or offer something in a similar style.