Private Workshop or Event

This is not your usual paint and sip.


This is a birthday event for the modern creative, a hens for the sophisticated she/he/they, a just-because gift to treat a loved one.


Private bookings can range from one on one focussed tuition, to a group events. Locations can be anywhere from the local park, ocean, your backyard, or a sophisticated studio space.


Here’s why my workshops are packed with value:

1. Tailored. Want to paint your partner’s favourite beach spot at a landscape workshop? Your grandmothers flowers at a floral workshop? Done. Make it personal, giftable, hangable, meaningful.

2. Quality. Anyone that’s ever heard me nerd out about materials will know that I don’t skimp on quality. No primary school poster paints allowed.

3. Sustainability. I source supplies from small, local, passionate businesses, and partner with people aiming to improve our community.

4. Curated. By an artist, for a fail safe approach to colours (no garish colour clashes here) and an end product you’ll actually want to put to up on the wall.

5. Taught. Thoroughly planned, tested, and tested again. Learn skills you can take home and use again.


One on one workshops, private small group and events can be booked directly by getting in touch. 


Purchase note: Prices might range between $39 and $129 per person for groups, and solo workshops vary significantly based on materials, subject matter, and time. Due to the range of options, let’s have a chat about your specific needs first, then I can provide a quote.