Oban Unframed

A modern, Australian original oil painting for a sophisticated home. 

Oils on linen canvas 

Size: 50cm x 50cm 


Beauty and freedom created in a time of restriction and limitation. This beautful piece is part of a collection of paintings, located within COVID-safe walking distance of my home. An exception to the rule, this piece is based off remembered travels to the Scottish coast, and features a limited colour palette of just four colours. I have painted this scene almost as many times as I have remembered it. In a time of repetition, limitation, and restriction, it focuses on the freedom of the natural elements. 



I recommend a bedroom, a study, or a dining/kitchen nook for this piece. It brings as much calm as it does intrigue, and acts as a beautiful tool to set the atmosphere of a room. If hanging on a narrower wall, this piece will be beautifully accented with a vase and some tall blooms beside it, or on a shelf with travel memoirs (shells, small brass objects). If hanging on a large, open wall, consider parntering with a contrasting work of a similar size, with a collection of smaller sized friends, or commisioning a partner piece. 



I use a variety of tools and paints but the favourites which make a feature in this painting are Langridge Paints and Wallace Seymour Colours. Two beautiful brands with high quality gear and a passion for the process. My canvases are hand stretched in Sydney by Pigment Lab, on sustainably sourced Australian wood and high quality canvas. 



Framing is a very personal process and therefore is an option on a made-to-order basis from my local framer. If you would like to add a frame, please get in touch with me or your local framer. 



This piece is currently on display at an exhibition in September/October 2020. Visit We Are Mindful Store and Studio in Cronulla, NSW during business hours to see this beauty in real life. 

If you purchase the piece please let me know if you are comfortable waiting to receive it until after October. The piece will be marked as sold during the exhibition, you will be invited to attend the opening night exhibition and greeted with a glass of wine to enjoy the show. 


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Modern original art for a sophisticated home. Add a balance of calm and intrigue with a Scottish seascape in bold, blue oils.