Gundagai, Framed

A modern, Australian original oil painting. 

Oils on linen canvas 

Size: 50cm x 50cm unframed, approx 55 x 55 cm framed. This listing is for framed only.


Beauty and freedom created in a time of restriction and limitation. The Gundagai is within COVID-safe distance of my travel photos, the colour palette a limited set of four favourites. In a time of repetition, limitation, and restriction, it focuses on the freedom of the natural elements. 



I recommend a bedroom, a sun room, or a dining nook for this piece. It brings as much calm as it does intrigue, and acts as a beautiful tool to set the atmosphere of a room. Depending on the size of your living area and what you already have hanging on your walls, the size of this piece means it is likely to need a partner to hang with. Consider commisioning a partner piece, a contrasting work of a similar size, or a collection of smaller sized friends. 



I use a variety of tools and paints but the favourites which make a feature in this painting are Langridge Paints and Wallace Seymour Colours. Two beautiful brands with high quality gear and a passion for the process. My canvases are hand stretched in Sydney by Pigment Lab, on sustainably sourced Australian wood and high quality canvas. 



Framed in a floating frame of raw Tasmanian Oak by a small family run business in south west Sydney.



This piece is currently shown at an exhibition in September 2020. If you purchase the piece please let me know if you are comfortable waiting to receive it until after September. The piece will be marked as sold during the exhibition.


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Modern original art for a sophisticated home. Add a balance of calm and intrigue with an Australian landscape in bold, earthy oils.