Coledale, NSW

Note: this item is not currently listed on the website, but is available. Please pop in to The Collective, Gerringong to find it. 107 Fern St, Gerringong.


Oils on cotton canvas 

Size of canvas: 14″ W x 11″ H


For anyone lucky enough to have experienced the coastlines of Australia, this will evoke a familiar feeling. The sunsets are contradictions of colours, a beautiful clash of deep blues and intense oranges, subtle purples, and those unforgettable red earthy tones. You’re torn between looking at the land, the ocean, and the sky, eyes darting to soak in the beauty around you. Our family lives in this tiny coastal town, and we plan on many more sunset walks baby sitting, and puppy sitting, in this little gem of a place. 

Materials: I use a variety of tools and paints but the favourites which make a feature in every painting are Langridge Paints and Gamblin Colours. Two beautiful brands with high quality gear and a passion for the process. My canvases are hand stretched in Sydney by Pigment Lab, on sustainably sourced Australian wood and high quality canvas.