At-Home Workshop – Modern Watercolour

Order this watercolour pack to create a modern, emotive watercolour piece at home. The final piece you create, or the pack itself, makes a beautiful gift. 

You will recieve:

  • professional quality tester kit of davinci watercolour paints 
  • a davinci round brush, made with sustainable timber and perfectly balanced in your hand 
  • an A4 sheet of cold pressed 200gsm watercolour paper – for the final art work
  • an A5 sheet of cold pressed 200gsm watercolour paper – to create a mini practice piece or a gift for someone 
  • heavy weight A4 paper to practice on 
  • an instructional video to follow along with including how to mix sophisticated colours 
  • a playlist for the ultimate artist backdrop 

This kit gives you the option for up to three finished pieces: 3 A5 pieces, or 1 A4 and 1 A5 piece. 


This video instructions and final piece are aimed at all levels, no experience is needed. 




11 in stock (can be backordered)