At-Home Workshop – Modern Acrylic

Create a balanced, original artwork at home with this acrylic workshop pack. A cosmic-inspired geometric artwork, similar to the one pictured, will be the final piece. The workshop also gives options to create unique variations. 

The final piece you create, or the pack itself, makes a beautiful gift. 


You will recieve:

  • professional quality, fluid acrylic paint in titanium white
  • a davinci flat brush, made with sustainable timber, perfectly balanced in your hand, and fantastic for painting straight geometric lines
  • a pencil, for drawing the geometric design
  • an A3 sheet of mi-tientes 160gsm acid-free, lignin-free paper. This will be one of three colour options: flannel grey, steel grey, and ivy. Note: the paper colour will be randomly chosen for each pack. 
  • heavy weight A4 paper to practice on 
  • an instructional video to follow along with 
  • a playlist for the ultimate artist backdrop 


This kit gives you one large finished piece, approximately 30cm x 42cm.


This is a zero-experience-needed workshop. 




8 in stock (can be backordered)