Thank you for welcoming one of my pieces in to your life. The canvas and layers of paints that you are looking at are yours and yours alone, and I am delighted that you would like to display, share, critique and enjoy the piece. As the artist I retain the rights to the image you enjoy, even once sold. This means I retain the full right to make reproductions, use its images in marketing and media, and even make cute little thank you post cards with its image.

I cannot walk into your house/office/gallery and take the piece off the wall. And you cannot reproduce the artwork for your own financial profit without my written permission.

If you print images of the artwork in a magazine, post on online media, or reproduce in other indirect ways, I only ask that you please credit the artist (me).
Absolutely. I love to keep my creative brain stretching, the more challenging the request the more excited I'll be. I've enjoyed making invitations and stationery suites, menus, hand painted signs and murals, huge pieces and collections for workplaces, and even a custom hand-painted set of christmas baubles for a beautiful grandmother who met me at a market.

Get in touch, let's see if we're a match!
Here are some great one one-liners to start you off:

  • I’m curious about your processes, techniques and materials – what is x, how do you x

  • What does hog hair, linen, and marble have to do with anything?

  • My head is swimming with undecided options for a gift, send help

  • I feel your vibe with strength – let’s work together

  • Any other questions and requests

Who doesn't love a bargain?

I offer a discount if you choose to purchase an entire collection.

If you register as a regular client such as an interior designer with repeat sales or commissions, I have a special discount code just for you.

If you are neither of those, don't fret. Signing up to my emails via the bottom of the home page will ensure you get some presents in your inbox.